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A Kansas City Dominatrix

Mistress Elliot with one of her favorite toys.

Sessions with Mistress Elliot

Mistress Elliot's talents, intelligence and beauty are in constant demand and afford her the privilege of being highly selective when choosing clients. Her time is limited and session appointments are often booked far in advance. The Mistress requires at least 24 hours notice to book a session. The longer you wait to book an appointment, the smaller the chance she will be available.

Session Fees:

Longer sessions or complicated scenes will be negotiated on an individual basis.
Missed appointment charges apply. Fees vary depending on circumstance.

*First Time Client Requirement:

The privilege of being selective affords The Mistress the ability to require all first-time clients meet with her prior to their first session for a "Sit Down" in a public space. She never allows strangers into her dungeon without having screened them first. The initial $150 meeting has no time limit as The Mistress prefers to have as much time as She needs for this all important initial introduction. If the Mistress and client proceed to meet for their first session, $75 of the original "Sit-Down" fee will be deducted from the price of that first session. PLEASE NOTE, a two-hour session is required for all first-time clients. The "Sit-Down" and deposit are required for first-time appointments only. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS. DO NOT ASK.

Why Require a Sit-Down?

This meeting has proven itself to be highly useful in the way it introduces both Mistress and client, opens the all important channel of communication and makes the client's first visit to The Mistresses' dungeon even more satisfying.

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